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DIY Home Decoration Ideas

These days, DIY Items are all the rage. It’s much cheaper and is fun to do. Not only that, with DIYs you can challenge your creativity and show off your talents.

In this blog are DIY Ideas perfect for your home as decorations, inside and outside of your home! Together with the pictures and descriptions are the links on how to do the DIY step by step.


Disclaimer: Most of these DIYs are for garden decorations. But you can check out more DIYs by clicking this link:


So what are we waiting for? Let our Creativity begin!


Book Painted Bricks

This DIY is perfect for a garden setting. Give your garden that sophisticated style your visitors will envy.

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Who told you that lighthouses are only for oceans? Allow this DIY Lighthouse to light up your garden.


Wire Teacup

Tired of the old pot and vases idea to place your beautiful flowers in?

Well this Wire teacup is the kind of DIY you have long been looking for!


Teapot Bird Bath

This is no ordinary bird bath. This bird bath is made out of old teacups and plates you don’t use anymore.

Talk about smart recycling.


Hubcap Flowers

This wonderland-like DIY is definitely designed to impress.

Made of recycled hubcaps, broken shovel handles etc…


Fabric Coiled Bowl

Do you have some old clothes? Yes? Great! Let’s make them into bowls!

Yes, you read right. Turn your old clothes into bowls.


T-shirt Pompoms


If you’re tired of using your old clothes or you outgrew them,

Why not use it as a decoration for your house?


T-shirt Tassels

Tired of the same old tassels?

Why not make one out of your old clothes?

It’ll be cheaper and your imagination is the limit.


Round Braided Rug

Create your own beautiful braided rug to show off to your friends.


Faux Pallet Sign Cornice

You will not believe if I tell you this Pallet Sign is made of Styrofoam!


Tie-Die Projects

Don’t you just love abstract design? This DIY Tie Die Projects will make your home more spontaneous than ever.


Lace Window

Don’t you just love the sight of laces? Giving off that vintage to modern look.


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