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The Types of buyers

Have you ever experienced wanting to sell something to someone, but then you realize, you don’t know how to approach him/her?

We know how it feels. And that’s why this blog is for you.

We are going through the 4 types of buyers and give you a glimpse of their personality.

By identifying what motivates your prospect to buy, you can tailor your sales presentation in such a way that you meet his or her internal and external needs.

With just a little bit of research, observation, and communication, you can use your knowledge of these decision-making styles to build better long-term customer relationship management skills and increase your close rate.

The Types of buyers


  • Analytical Buyers are more on Logic and Information. They are best identified by their attention to detail and tendencies towards perfectionism. They don’t ask a lot of questions.  They do their own looking.  They do their own research.  When an Analytical buyer is at your Open House or on the telephone with you, which means that they’ve already done a ton of research beforehand. Take note that analytical buyers are only indecisive when they still don’t have all the information they want in order to make an informed decision.


  • Stability and Cooperation is what defines an amiable buyer. They want to make everyone else happy. Their enthusiasm is contagious and you really become convinced that this buyer is a godsend. Amiable buyers hate chaos and change. When you are communicating with an amiable, it is important to highlight the ease of transition your product and service will provide.  Despite the positive aura they spread, these are also the people that is most likely not financially ready to buy.  When the reality of the transaction hits them, they quickly realize they don’t have all their ducks in a row. Amiable buyers are great prospects.  They WILL buy.  It’s just about getting them centered long enough in one place to get their ducks in a row.


  • These types of buyers thrive for Power and Respect. A driver is most concerned with how others view and follow their directions. They want to move quickly.  They ask very specific questions.  They don’t bother with small talk.  They’re “on a mission”. The greatest fear of the driver is to be disrespected or taken advantage of. Because of this, they may be aggressive and controlling in their attempt to get the results they want. You need to show them proof of your product and respect for their position without allowing yourself to be bowled over. Give them exactly what they want.


  • The Supporter buyer is motivated by recognition and approval. They are the “nice” buyer This type of personality is friendly, supportive, patient, kind, sweet, and wonderful to have around. The Supporter is incredible at customer relationship management, which means that you need to be as well.This person truly values the power of the relationship you build together as client and agent.  A Supporter buyer can’t stand being isolated or not getting the most attention. They want to know that they are your most important client. If they don’t feel that they are getting enough attention, they may become manipulative or reactive.


If you are able to quickly identify the personality style of the customer, you will know the “hows” and “whys” of what to say to meet their needs. Once they feel that you truly understand them and feel an emotional connection, they will come up with the logical reasons to buy from you. No matter which type of buyer you’re dealing with, you have to approach each one in a slightly different way.  You must adapt your communication style to each buyer’s personality type. Be funny, engaging, and personal at all times – don’t focus on statistics alone. Avoid entangling him or her in details that might lead to interpersonal conflict.

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